Take advantage of these 4 Discount Tricks for Christmas and New Year

November 7, 2023

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Among the ways to boost sales in business is by implementing discount strategies. However, if not used correctly, discounts can potentially result in unsold products or only being purchased during the discount period. From a business perspective, this can be detrimental. A savvy business owner will understand this and try to analyze the implementation of these strategies.

We will help you summarize 4 discount tips to navigate the Christmas and New Year season.

1. Bundled Discount

Bundle discount

In this strategy, discounts can be offered by combining various products or services. By optimizing this, you can combine the best-selling products to increase sales. You can also combine best-selling products with new items that need a sales boost. This can lead to increased sales and the possibility of receiving positive reviews from customers. Consequently, the product and business can continue to grow and improve.

2. Prepayment Discount

Cashless payment

In this strategy, discounts are provided for upfront payments. Businesses in the logistics or retail industry may find this scheme useful, especially if the business is relatively new and does not have a strong cash flow. While this may result in lower profits, it ensures a more secure cash flow, reducing the risk of delayed vendor payments and increasing trust in the business.

3. Volume Discount

As the name suggests, this type of discount strategy optimizes the quantity of purchases. With an increase in quantity, you can offer larger discounts on a product. While this may sound simple, it can be risky if you don't consider fixed variable costs. These are costs that change with the quantity of production, so by paying attention to this, you can offer discounts more carefully and safely while boosting sales.

4. Seasonal Discount

pack of gift

This is a key aspect of the discussion, where businesses capitalize on a season or special occasions such as holidays. On a smaller scale, it's possible to offer discounts on a specific product every Monday as an implementation of this strategy. Seasonal discounts can be used to boost sales of products that typically have lower demand under normal conditions. Additionally, they can help maintain demand for specific products, ensuring the business runs smoothly.


Running a business is no easy task. One way to keep a business going is by increasing sales, maintaining cash flow, and making a profit in the process. Among the ways to increase profit is by utilizing discounts, which consist of these 4 components: bundled discount, prepayment discount, volume discount, and seasonal discount

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