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November 29, 2023

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Over the past two years, Evetech Solution, a software house near Surabaya, has experienced rapid growth. The company has served dozens of clients, both domestically and internationally, in the development of mobile applications and websites.

While the software house HQ is in Solo, Central Java, it can fulfill orders from outside Solo and even outside Indonesia. Evetech Solution has gained the trust of numerous clients in the implementation of its projects.

Evetech Solution Services

1. Website Development

The first service offered is the creation of web-based systems. Having a website in a business has become essential as it serves as a platform to provide information about products and services. In this regard, business owners can promote their products or services through the website.

Additionally, a website can be utilized for branding, enhancing the credibility of the business or enterprise. There are many types of websites Evetech could make, including company profiles web, business websites, news websites, and personal websites.

2. Website Application Development

In general, website applications are slightly different from websites. Website applications allow users or visitors to perform actions within the application. Actions that can be taken include account registration, chatting, and making purchases and payments within the website application.

Many business owners are keen on website application development because it offers numerous benefits for business growth, such as managing product prices and stock, analyzing business development, and assisting in business branding. Various types of websites that can be developed as website applications include e-commerce websites, gaming websites, educational websites, health websites, travel websites, accommodation websites, and many more.

This Software house near Surabaya Evetech Solution could handle many related industries. Many industries could be handled, from Software as Service (SaaS), logistics, E-Commerce and shopping, Healthcare, Education Tech, Travel, and hospitality. We could leverage your business and bring more efficiency through our software solution.

H2 Business Excellence This Surabaya-based software house has proven its excellence in business consultation. Many clients compliment our business in this subject. With this, we could give businessmen many points of view about software solutions from their trouble or story.

In other ways, Evetech Solution has business excellence in customization applications or websites. We could help businessmen with their need to develop software in websites or mobile applications that will bring more efficiency or solve their problem.

How We Work

We work with your needs. First, we will need some brief about your needs. After that we will elaborate on your trouble and find the solution. Depending on its level of trouble time will be different but we will try as fast as we can.

After that, we will bring you the solution in software solution. You could review our solution, and if you are happy we could develop the software you want. If you are not happy, we could revise until you feel happy about the solution, and it will work.

If that process is clear, we will report it to you and process everything if it is not to your liking or thinks. We will develop this with your concern and make that process until you are happy. We will give you the software and could be tasked with maintenance if you want to. So, you don’t need to worry about the software being broken/incapable of writing

Clients Who Trust Us

Pelangi Laundry

This Surabaya-based software house has proven its success in providing website application development services. The website applications created can be accessed seamlessly through laptops, desktops, and smartphones. One satisfied customer who entrusted the development of their website and application to Evetech Solution is

Pelangi Laundry

Pelangi Laundry is a laundry service that has transitioned to an online platform using a website application. With this website application, customers no longer need to visit the laundry outlet in person. Instead, they can access the Pelangi Laundry website to utilize the laundry services. The laundry items are then picked up by Pelangi Laundry staff from the customer's location, as selected and designated by the customer through the provided maps. Payments can be made through the system, with the option of COD (Cash on Delivery) available. After the laundry is completed, the items are delivered to the customer's location by Pelangi Laundry employees.

Sanwoo Electronics

Evetech Solution, a software house near Surabaya, specializes in website development, as evidenced by the numerous satisfied customers with the results of their website system development. One such content customer is This website is accessible through laptops, desktops, and smartphones.

Sanwoo Electronics

Sanwoo Electronics is a business engaged in the sale of coolers & freezers, as well as home appliances. The website developed for Sanwoo Electronics showcases all products along with detailed information and prices. This includes images, product specifications, and pricing details. With the existence of this website, Sanwoo Electronics has experienced increased sales, easy branding, and the retention of loyal customers.

If you're interested in learning more about Evetech's products or clients, you can visit this link and this link to understand why businesses require a software house.

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