Recognize Brand Archetypes for Your Business Development

November 27, 2023

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Understanding brand archetypes and how they contribute to the growth of your business will be summarized in this article.


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Simply put, a brand archetype is the character type that a brand possesses. To delve deeper into this concept, let's recall experiences from our school days.

Chances are, you've encountered someone who is humorous, making the class burst into laughter with their antics. Despite sometimes behaving irrationally, it's these very actions that make them funny and memorable.

On the other hand, there are charismatic individuals who become class or organization leaders, inspiring and guiding others toward a better path.

Then there's the serious type, always answering teachers' questions and not just intelligent but also willing to share knowledge with others who may not understand the material.

Reflecting on these behaviors, you might ponder how unique personalities, even with their quirks, are memorable. If your brand behaved similarly, wouldn't that be something you desire—being recognized and remembered by others?

Why Brand Archetype Matters

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Brand Archetype is the image a brand portrays to endear itself to its customers.

However, as our brand isn't human, conveying messages to customers can be challenging in some cases. In this context, you need your Brand Archetype. You have to build a persona as if the brand were a person through various messages your brand conveys.

Let's illustrate with two examples. Brand A sells its product directly, enticing customers with problem-solving benefits. In contrast, Brand B, instead of marketing its product, narrates the struggles its customers face. They empathize with their customers, offering product solutions to alleviate those struggles.

Most likely, many would choose Brand B because it brings awareness to the issues they experience and provides a solution.

There are 12 Brand Archetypes: innocent, explorer, sage, hero, outlaw, magician, everyman, lover, jester, caregiver, creator, and ruler.

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Types of Brand Archetype


1. Innocent Archetype

Innocent has a positive personality and an optimistic outlook on life, conveying feelings through their work. An example of a brand with this archetype is Coca-Cola.

2. Sage Archetype

Sage has a passion for seeking truth, wisdom, and knowledge, enthusiastically sharing beneficial insights with others. Google is an example of a brand applying this archetype.

3. Explorer Archetype

Explorers have a passion for exploration, bravery, adventure, and challenge, motivated to step out of their comfort zone for something better. Eiger Adventure is an example of a brand embodying this archetype.

4. Hero Archetype

Hero is motivated to prove values, courage, and strong determination, sharing their story as a victory over challenges with the help of supporters. Nike is an example of a brand applying the Hero archetype.

5. Outlaw Archetype

Outlaw has a rebellious personality, aiming to revolutionize the world for the better by going against modern societal norms. Harley Davidson is an example of a brand with the Outlaw archetype.

6. Magician Archetype

Magicians dream of turning dreams into reality in a unique way, having an uncommon imagination. Disney is a well-known example of a brand with the Magician archetype.

7. Everyman Archetype

Everyman has a common and easily recognizable character, reflecting the experiences of the average individual in everyday challenges. IKEA is an example of a brand with the Everyman archetype.

8. Lover Archetype

Lover is associated with passion and relationships, driven by emotions, seeking intimacy, and exploring themes of love and romance. Victoria's Secret is an example of a brand with the Lover archetype.

9. Jester Archetype

Jester brings joy and humor to the story, often serving as a playful and entertaining character. Taco Bell is an example of a brand with the Jester archetype.

10. Caregiver Archetype

Caregiver is characterized by a nurturing and giving nature, often sacrificing for others' well-being. Johnson & Johnson is an example of a brand with the Caregiver archetype.

11. Creator Archetype

Creator is associated with innovation, inspiring change through creativity, and creating something new in art, ideas, or inventions. YouTube is an example of a brand with the Creator archetype.

12. Ruler Archetype

Ruler represents leadership, often in a position of power, facing moral dilemmas and leadership burdens. Microsoft is an example of a brand with the Ruler archetype.


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