Online Game Technology 2024

December 26, 2023

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The online game technology industry appears poised for further growth in 2024. This technology will mature and have the potential for further development.

As a business owner, this presents a new opportunity. Besides games serving as a means of reflection and relaxation, the latest online game technology is also expected to provide us with a wealth of new inspiration.

We summarize the existing technologies and predictions for the potential developments in online game technology in 2024 from various sources.

Flexible Conversation with NPCs through Text and Voice

NPC illustration

This technology has developed and has the potential to be perfected in 2024. Currently, game mods with this format are quite commonly implemented.

Among the games featuring this mod are Mount and Blade Bannerlord. In this game, characters can engage in free-form conversations, and NPCs respond appropriately. You can check this out here.

Similar advancements have occurred in Skyrim, where in VR, players can talk to NPCs and receive responses. There are instances where gamers improvise by requesting fast-food items, and NPCs respond that the items are not available. You can see it here.

Through this, game technology in 2024 allows for the development of this feature, especially in RPG games. NPCs might offer additional/unique quests depending on player responses and the player's progress in the game.

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Talking to Others Worldwide in VR

As seen in VR Chat, talking to avatars in VR form is now a reality. Through this application, you can encounter people from around the world and interact with them in VR. If you're interested, you can search for VR Chat here.

Implementing this feature could add value to online games in 2024. Games may evolve into multiplayer VR formats with realistic graphics and movements.

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Metahuman Technology Advancements

There are ongoing developments in metahuman technology. Unreal characters can now be created by humans, and these characters closely resemble real humans. The results can be quite deceiving if one doesn't pay attention to the details.

Check this video here, this is meta-human. Looks like a real human but it is not. So this technology could advance more in next year.

Metahuman technology is highly likely to be implemented in online games in 2024, enhancing the gaming experience and making it more realistic.

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Games Integrated with the Human Nervous System

Illustration of future  game

Looking at current developments, we may be heading towards combining the real and virtual worlds. This is evident in the growing field of AI and metahuman technology.

When this technology becomes stable or widely accessible, game development is likely to focus on integrating with the human nervous system.

Remarkably, this could make individuals feel pain if their in-game characters are injured or attacked. Considering the current progress, this possibility may become a reality sooner.


There is a significant amount of online game technology currently in development, from flexible conversations with NPCs to talking to others in VR, metahuman advancements, and game integration with the nervous system. As entrepreneurs, it's essential to be aware of these developments as they not only provide entertainment but also contribute valuable insights to the business.

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