How to Make Smart Goals

December 14, 2023

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Every single person has their own goals. That also could be implemented in business, business owners should know what are their goals and how to do them. Goals will perfectly help their business.

But sometimes, their goals are lacking in some aspects. Because business owners are not perfect people. Petter Ducker explains something unique about this, so it could make your goals more meaningful and could be implemented more in their business.

So we want to help you to understand this matter. We will summarize it to help you have a better understanding of this matter.

The formula is called SMART goals. With the smart goals component, achieving some good things in your business will be easier.

Smart is an acronym for: S: Specific M: Measurable A: Achievable R: Reasonable T: Timebound

Smart methods provide you with how to measure your progress. Smart makes you realistically evaluate your progress toward the goals.

To know it better, we will explain its components one by one.

SMART Component

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S: Specific

Make it as specific as possible. Simplicity enhances clarity and facilitates easier implementation. More simple will bring more easy steps to follow. We will give an example.

Bad examples: Increase sales of the business. Good examples: Increase sales of b product.

M: Measurable

Measurability is one of the keys to tracking the progress. We must establish the criteria to be categorized as success. We will give an example.

Bad examples: Increase more followers on Instagram Good examples: Increase more followers by daily posting and commenting on related topics on Instagram

A: Achievable

Achievable is a smart component too. If the goals are not achievable, it could lower our morals and fighting spirits to fight in the business field.

Bad examples: Increase 100000% of sales this month Good examples: Increase 10% sales on this month.

Achievable sometimes has more flexibility. Like in social media, increasing 1 to 10 followers is sometimes easier in percentage depending on 1.000.000 followers to 2.000.000.

From its presentation the first case is more achievable even in presentation 1000% depends on the second case even just 100%. So please note this too.

R: Relevant

This is one of the components of smart goals too. Some goals must align with the greater goals of the company/organization.

If the business is online based, increasing sales on e-commerce or using social media is a relevant way to the business goals to increase online sales.

T: Timebound

Time is money is work on here too. Without using timebound, it will be hard to monitor the progress. We will give you an example.

Bad examples: Increase online sales by 10%. Good examples: Increase online sales by 10% on this month.


Smart goals are really useful for developing a business. With this method, your goals will be more than specific tasks to do. Smart means your goals have specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timebound components so it is easier to achieve and calculate them.


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