5 Business Tools Recommendations for Your Business to Grow

December 8, 2023

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1. HubSpot

Hubspot Logo

The first business tool is HubSpot. This app is a wonderful and integrated software. Hubspot will provide you with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, analytical tools, monitoring campaigns, and e-learning with certification in marketing fields.

HubSpot will help you to grow your business that focuses on customers. This platform has a free trial for you to explore. This platform is recommended especially in CRM.

2. ClickUp

ClickUp Logo

Businesses will have many teams in the process, so you will need collaboration from many people. Without proper tools, some misunderstandings could happen. Without proper tools and coordination, some files may be spread over.

ClickUp will help you solve that problem, with ClickUp collaboration could be done by many people. Every person will have access to every file. With this, you will lose the anxiety of missing a file has been missing.

  1. FreshBooks FreshBooks Logo

Every single business will need an accountant so they can track money and cash flow. Sometimes, especially in small businesses or some businesses that are ready to go big, they may lack in this field.

FreshBooks will help you with that, this app could make your financial report more easy including the cash flow. FreshBooks has some features like invoicing, money outflow, and budget estimation. This tool supports multiple account features, so it will be easy to monitor.

  1. Google Analytics Google Analytics Logo

Businesses in this era mostly have websites. Google Analytics will help you monitor the website traffic, where it comes from, conversion, and many other analytics about the website. So you must be aware of this platform, especially if you want to run Google ads.

Google ads could be reported by this platform too. Google Analytics could bring analytics by data insight and even graphics, so you could customize itself. If your business website does not have this, feel free to click and check this out

  1. Canva Canva Logo

Canva is a well-known app for many uses, such as making aesthetic power points, design, and even video editing. With these apps, you can even schedule posts on Instagram.

One of Canva's uniqueness is it has many elements on the app. So even someone without a design background could make a good design.

This app provides multiple account access too, so you can collaborate with the business team to make good design or video editing.

Many platforms could support businesses to grow. HubSpot will be used in CRM and if you need education in marketing fields. ClickUp will be beneficial for collaboration use in teams. FreshBooks will help you maintain your money cash flow. Google Analytics helps you in reporting website campaigns. Lastly, Canva has wide uses in design or video editing.

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